“Illuminate, have integrity and keep dreaming”

During the recently concluded 52nd commencement exercises of Palawan State University, a number of former students from Palawan National School graduated with their respective degrees with flying colors being Magna Cumlaudes and Cumlaudes. They were the first batch of K-12 curriculum who undergone firsthand the additional two years in high school. They also experience the pandemic in college where they had to display flexibility in order to adapt to the blended learning modalities for a couple of years. Being able to surpass the demands of online classes which is a sudden shift in education, these students truly excel career-wise in their field of interest. The commencement speaker, CHED Commissioner Jo Mark Libre addressed the graduates being the most challenged and the most resilient batch. It was S.Y 2016-2017 when they entered the portals of Senior High School. During Grade 11, Ms. De Mesa and Mr. Villegas were originally HUMSS block 1, while Ms. Bagtong and Ms. Teodones belonged to block 2. Ms. Gonzales represented block 3 then Ms. Abique was from block 4 and Ms. Tucay was from block 5. Added to the list is Ms. Cayao who was from the STEM strand. Ms. Abique who delivered the speech for the afternoon session challenged her batchmates to “illuminate for the world needs bright minds, have candour in every dealings, and keep dreaming to emerge victors”. PNS is proud of you. Kudos batch 2022!

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