Since the wave of the said plague still stretches across the nation, the Department of Education has employed a plan according to the challenges brought about by “The New Normal” landscape of education in the Philippines.

Consequently, the education department makes use of the new framework and plan of action, adopting various learning delivery modalities.

And all these commenced with the online remote enrollment system to be in adherence to the guidelines from the Department of Health and the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases in the Philippines.

DepEd practices the new enrollment system in compliance with DO 8, 2020 or the Guidelines on Enrollment for School Year 2020-2021 in the Context of the Public Health Emergency Due to Covid-19.

The guidelines in this enrollment policy aim to guarantee sustained access to learning opportunities through the conduct of an enrollment process that is efficient and in accordance with minimum health and safety standards.

PNS’s Scheme for Online Enrollment

Palawan National School, as confronted by the grips of COVID-19, started the enrollment system employing some strategies to cater to the volume of enrollees.

Eventually, PNS has recorded a remarkable increase of 30% in its enrollment rate through the following schemes: Kiosk Enrollment or the Barangay-to-Barangay Enrollment, Dropbox Enrollment, and Virtual Enrollment.

Kiosk Enrollment: Unique in PNS

For those who do not have access to the internet for the online enrollment of the school, PNS saturated 32 barangays in the city wherein the guidance counsellors secured frequent communications with barangay chairmen and barangay in-charge of education committee.

Learner Enrollment and Survey Form or LESF copies were handed in to the barangay officials.

These forms were distributed to the PNS students and parents residing in these barangays, as well as to those who would like to transfer to PNS.

The said enrollment and survey forms were collected by the barangay officials.

PNS Guidance Counsellors then regularly retrieved these.

The entire process is conducted following the guidelines instituted by DOH and IATF to secure the safety of the people involved.

Finally, the retrieved forms were given to assigned enrolling officers for the virtual enrollment.

Dropbox Enrollment

PNS placed several big boxes at the entrance gate for students and parents who would drop by for enrollment.

This is the institution’s way of catering to the needs of those who cannot access the online enrollment.

LESFs are also made available at the school gate.

The entrants, after filling out the LESF, would drop these forms in the boxes that correspond to grade levels that they intend to enroll in.

The forms here were retrieved by the guidance counselors.

Lastly, the assigned enrolling officers use these forms in enlisting those applicants in the virtual enrollment.

PNS Virtual Enrollment

In the virtual enrollment, parents and guardians filled out the LESF and submitted pertinent requirements such as Birth Certificate, Report Card and 1×1 picture thru the Online Enrollment Portal

Then, the Enrollment Coordinators or ECs collected LESF responses and sorted them by grade level and track/strand.

The ECs made a list of enrollees based on the collected responses and posted in the official Facebook page of Palawan National School.

The ECs forwarded the LESF responses to Enrollment Focal Persons or EFPs.

The EFPs then validated all inputted entries in the LESF Template.

Learners who found to have erroneous entries and missing attachments during online submission were contacted assuring that their names match their birth certificate entries against report cards.

If the learners happened to have discrepancies in records/entries will be tagged as temporary enrolled.

The committee of validators reviewed the selected grade level of each enrollees against report card to check enrollment status.

If the learners happened to have incomplete grades will be tagged as Irregular Student.

The members identified the learners as Balik-Aral, Transferee or Old-Student.

Furthermore, they consolidated and forwarded the validated template with LESF entries to the ECs.

Later, EC made a master list of validated entries, summed up LESF responses and regularly reported to the Principal and DO Planning Office.

The previous teacher-advisers tagged their previous students in the LIS-LESF using the validated master list forwarded by the ECs.

The validated LESF entries were also used by the In-charge of sectioning/blocking of students.

Through the consolidated and validated LESF entries, learning modalities of students as a part of the learning continuity plan of Palawan National School were identified.


The results of these enrollment schemes helped the PNS administration in identifying the learning delivery modalities that it would employ in keeping with the Learning Continuity Plan or LCP of the school.

Based on the enrollment and survey report, PNS will offer Online Distance Learning or ODL and Modular Distance Learning or MDL.

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