ANNOUNCEMENT: Junior and Senior High School Enrollment Schedules and Admission Requirements
📅 Incoming Grade 7 – July 18 to August 22
📅 Transferees, Repeaters, Dropouts & Balik-Aral – July 25 to August 22
📅 Incoming Grade 11 from PNS JHS – July 18 to 22
📅 Incoming Grade 12 from PNS SHS – July 25 to 29
📅 Grade 11 Transferees – August 1 to 5
📅 Grade 12 Transferees – August 8 to 12
📅 Grade 11/12 Balik-Aral, ALS, & Late Enrollees – August 15 to 19
For incoming Grade 7, Transferees, Repeaters, Dropouts and Balik-Aral
✔️Completely Filled out Enrollment Form
✔️Original School Report Card
✔️Photocopy of PSA/NSO Birth Certificate
✔️4 pcs. 1×1 ID picture with name tag
✔️Good Moral Certification/Transfer Certificate
(For incoming Grade 7 and Transferees Only)
For Incoming Grade 11 Students
✔️Enrollment Form
✔️Original Copy of Gr. 10 Report Card (SF9)
✔️Photocopy of JHS Completion Certificate
✔️PSA or NSO photocopy of Birth Certificate
✔️Good Moral Certificate (for Grade 11 transferees)
✔️Photocopy of NCAE (if available)
For Incoming Grade 12 Students
✔️Enrollment Form
✔️The remaining documents you have not submitted to your
Grade 11 Adviser.
For Incoming Grade 12 StudentS from other School
✔️Enrollment Form
✔️Original Copy of Gr. 11 Report Card (SF9)
✔️PSA or NSO photocopy of Birth Certificate
✔️Good Moral Certificate
For Grades 11 and 12 Balik-Aral
✔️Enrollment Form
✔️Original Copy of Gr. 10 Report
✔️Card or SF9 (for G11 Balik-aral)
✔️Original Copy of Gr. 11 Report
✔️Card or SF9 (for G12 Balik-aral)
For Grade 11 ALS
✔️Enrollment Form
✔️PSA or NSO photocopy of Birth Certificate
✔️Photocopy of Certificate of Rating duly signed by CID Chief
Grades 7, 8, and 9 students last school year
2021-2022 are automatically enrolled. Your name and section will be posted near the RFID gate. Your former adviser will inform you through text, call, or messenger of your new section for this School Year 2022-2023.
All incoming Grade 11 ABM, HUMSS, and STEM students are required to take admission examinations prior to the submission of requirements for enrollment.
FOR INQUIRIES: You may call the grade level assigned guidance counselor:
Grade 7 – 0917-144-1005
Grade 8 – 0905-928-2168
Grade 9 – 0917-310-2011
Grade 10 – 0966-435-2390
Grade 11 & 12 – 0968-454-8557

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